Monday, May 16, 2011

Press Junket, Vermont Style

Even though all it really takes to get press coverage in Vermont is a three-legged cow or a new flavor of ice-cream, I'm very, very thankful to the folks in the Vermont media who helped me get the word out about the Green Mountain APA.

Thank you: Mike McCune from WCAX, Kristian Read from Fox 44 and Lauren Ober from Seven Days for profiling me. (Lauren, girl, if you want to see HEELS, go to Barre!)

Here is the FOX 44 interview.
Here is Lauren Ober's blog previewing her article.
Lauren Ober's article.

In other news, I have 16 of my desired 18 teams up and running for the Summer Session - those last two are proving tricky to pin down, but I'll get there!

My office space/pool room is coming along quite nicely. I have two days of solo practice under my belt for the U.S. Open, though the recent pool surge in Vermont has brought a lot of the good players out of the woodwork so I've been playing a lot of practice matches.

Everything has been a lot of work but it beats "the real world" by a mile!

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