Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Grind Gets to the Best of Us

You can't tell from the look on my face, but I do love traveling to play pool. I'm just not that wild about carrying my luggage around in 100 Degree heat.

This past week I was in Charlotte, North Carolina for the BCA 9-Ball Championships. This event was a little different from the standard WPBA fare: We played in two different venues.

Venue One - Since the BCA wanted 32 Women for its event (versus the WPBA's regular 64), we made a compromise and played our initial rounds at Smokin' Cue Billiards in Charlotte. This was the first time that we have played a U.S. Women's professional event in a pool room since playing in Amsterdam Billiards' Eastside location in 2002. It was a breath of fresh air to play in such a homey environment and I want to give special thanks to the owner, Matt Riggs, for accommodating our every need.

Venue Two - 32 players made the cut to play in stage II at the Charlotte Convention Center (myself included, despite a brutal 9-7 loss to Jeanette Lee in the second round which ended with a slopped-in 9-Ball!) Sadly, I suffered another brutal 9-7 loss to Melissa Herndon in my one stage II match which also ended with a slopped-in 9-Ball! I would be disheartened except I am very happy with how I performed, both physically and mentally, in this event.

Before I go, I also want to say thanks to

Pool Dawg is one of the sponsors for the event and is also my newest sponsor!

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Viva Las something or other...

I tooks me a little pool vacation in May - to the BCAPL 8-Ball Championships!
10 Days, 3 Events, 17 Girl Drinks... and almost $6 in penny slot winnings!

These were the results:
Masters Scotch Doubles: 5th Place
Grand Masters Women's Singles: 4th Place
Women's Masters Team: 3rd Place
... if there were only two more events, I would have won something :)

Me at work:

And at play:

I swear it didn't look that blurry until later that night!


P.S. Thanks to William Fuentes for the photos and the sexy photoshop-ing.