Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still In

I lost my next match, to Damon Sobers, 7-5. I'd never seen him before, but he shot very well.

Next up, I had a rematch with Steve Lillis. Once again it was hill-hill before I squeeked by, 7-6.

Predator Tour at Comet

I'm one of 77 players playing today and tomorrow in the Predator Tour event at Comet Billiards. I got a bye, then won my first match against Mark "Gypsy" Pantovic, 7-0.

Now I'm having lunch and watching some accustats matches with my friend, Duane "Wu Tang" Tony.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I'm out. I lost my match to a very well-playing Bruce Carroll, 9-5. I'm very happy about my play during this event.

Now I'm going to sweat some good winner's side matches with my good friend and sponsor, Holden Chin, before heading home tomorrow.

Quick Update

I won my match with Greg Antonakos, 9-5. Now is the all-important money round! I love pool, but it is also nice to get paid :) I play Bruce Carroll at noon.


I won my match against Steve Lillis, 9-8.

I truly hope that no one was watching the live stream. The match had it's good moments, but all in all it was some awesomely bad pool.

I am always proud to win this kind of match though, where it is more about endurance and staying positive than about playing well. I do love the fight!

I play Greg Antonakos in a mere seven hours. I lost a hill-hill nail biter with him here in August, so I am excited to take another crack at it!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Liz on AZBilliards Live Stream

I lost my match with Karen Corr, 9-4. I played well; She played better!

I play Steve Lillis at 10PM on the AZBilliards live stream table.

More WPBA Action

It is now day two at the Turning Stone. I won my match last night against Caroline Pao, 9-7. It was fun; We both fought really hard and played well.

The WPBA 2009 warm-up continues today as I am set to play Karen Corr at 4PM. 128 players and six of them women. Either these are some crazy odds or Mike Zuglan is hoping for a cat fight to boost attendance :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Turning Stone Classic XII

Greetings from sunny Central New York! Did you catch the sarcsam there? It was subtle.

I am glad to be here in one piece. I spent last night driving through white-out conditions on I-90.

I play my friend, and fellow WPBAer, Caroline Pao first round at 8PM. Brackets are online at

This picture has nothing to do with Turning Stone. I took it on the subway the other day while I was bored.