Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Snappy Answers to PCN-Guy's Stupid Questions

Hey folks,
I'm back from Norman, Oklahoma - site of the 2010 WPBA U.S. Open.
I finished in the top half there and if I'm not mistaken that bumps me up into the Top 20 of the WPBA's rankings. I would love to finish the year in the Top 16 (who wouldn't?) so stay tuned for more 2010 results. For now, this is an interview I did recently with Pool Cue News and Review (avaible here courtesy of the sexy PCN-dude):

 This month, we travel to the fine state of Vermont to check in with the lovely, talented and generally effervescent Liz Ford:

1. I understand you recently moved to Vermont. Is there any truth to the rumor that when you become a resident you are forced to stop washing your hair and listen to Phish all day?

No, but they do pass out fire arms and pints of Ben and Jerry’s with your tax returns.

The fire arms bit is a joke, barely, but the ice-cream part is true. As a Vermont resident, the only condiment or toiletry item I’m only allowed is maple syrup; My hair has never been shinier.

2. The glove. Please explain.

It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m a self-hating glove-wearer. It ruins all my outfits but makes me play better. I have skinny fingers with knobby knuckles (SEXY!) and the glove helps me make a tighter bridge.

3. I’ve been told that after you beat that dude in the US Open 10 Ball event, he broke all his cues. Satisfying, insulting or just some stuff that happened?

I always ask someone who is about to break their cues to donate them to me to sell on eBay: so far I’ve had no takers. He said he just wanted to start fresh. Apparently, he came down to the bar later using a splinter from one as a toothpick.

4. A long time ago, you mentioned on your blog that Eliot Smith is your favorite artist (who I happen to dig as well). Is there anyone else you listen to that’s, oh I don’t know, a little more upbeat?

Let’s give some respect to the dead and at least spell his name correctly: Elliott Smith. I try not to wallow in such angsty music anymore (paging Adams? Ryan Adams?) I could listen to nothing but the Beatles everyday for the rest of my life and feel perfectly content.

5. My latest obsession is pool in the mainstream. How did you score that spot on Time Warp?

Um, they scored me?! Actually, they did come to me after finding my website online. I have a background in science and research so it was a good fit. The guy who hosts the show, Jeff Lieberman, has two PhDs and teaches at MIT, so I was proud to help apply some legit science to pool.

6. Gambling and action. Good or bad for pool?

Ask me again when anybody cares about pool. Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound bitter?

7. Please rank the following Frank Zappa albums in order of importance:


One Size Fits All

We’re Only In It For The Money

Freak Out

You Are What You Is

I’m just going to pretend that you asked me which FZ albums are my favorites: Live from the Fillmore East and Just Another Band from L.A.

8. Thanks for playing Liz. Anyone deserving of big pimpin’ before you go?

My booth buds over at PoolDawg and of course the irrepressible Dr. Gary C. Borge, DDS.