Sunday, March 16, 2008

Preparing for Taiwan

The start of my two-and-a-half week international pool odyssey is now less than a week away. I will be leaving this Thursday for LA and then on to Taipei on Saturday. I will then head back to California for the WPBA San Diego Classic which starts April 9th.

I have been training my game steadily for the last two months and I feel very solid. I am going to spend the remaining time making sure that my body and mind are as healthy and relaxed as possible. This means making sure that I am eating and sleeping well, getting my usual exercise and spending time doing non-pool-related things that I enjoy.

Meanwhile, husband Harry, who is a hobbyist chef, has been researching the wide spectrum of our eating options in Taiwan. Here is something new he found for us to try:

Pig's Blood Cake

Made from pork blood and rice and served on a stick, topped with peanut paste, hot sauce, and cilantro. It's supposed to be a delicious midnight snack downed with a cold beer. It's not moving or breathing, so I am willing to give it a try. YUM!

On another note, I wanted to mention a blog that I just started reading:

Pool Cue News and Review

The author of this blog calls it "reviews and musings from a pool snark" I call it "what I'd like to think I would write if I blogged anonymously". Well-played Pool Cue News and Review, well-played.