Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Great 3-Cushion Experiment

Hey, that pool table ain't got no holes init!
With the help of my friend and billiards ambassador Ira Lee, I am going to be spending the next few months learning more about Three-Cushion Billiards.

I live about eight minutes from one of the best billiards rooms in the world, Carom Cafe in Flushing, Queens.  I have been procrastinating spending some serious time there for a few years now.  I know that I have some large gaps in my knowledge that affect my position play and defensive game so I am ready to start learning!

Ira has started supplying me with some training techniques that he has been working on for the past ten years.  I'll be sharing some once I can make sense of them myself.  Other than that, I have been playing games with good players, having them tell me the right shot to shot.  It's still extremely challenging and makes my brain hurt after an hour or so.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Identity Crisis

Although I'd much rather be playing pool right now, I am stuck at home trying to come up with a suitable new blog design. Web designer is not one of the hats I wear, so please excuse the multiple personalities that this blog will be cycling through in the next few days.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liz Sells Out!

If you haven't noticed a change around here, I will spell it out more explicitly: After a huge bidding war that included Coke, Pepsi, Denny's and my Nana, Pool Dawg is now the official sponsor of my blog!

You can help me out by visiting them for all you pool supply needs.  Just follow the link on the picture of me and Frank at the right.

My personal recommendation?  Get yourself you own measle ball.  I carry one in my car, and sometimes in my purse.  Over time, cue balls get smaller and smaller from colliding with the other balls, especially from high impact shots like the break. (Didn't you ever wonder why the 1-Ball is sometimes a paler color than the 9?  It also gets smaller from getting smacked on the 9-Ball break.)  Most pool rooms don't change their cue balls very often.  A measle ball also offers you more feedback on your practice because you are able to better observe the reaction of the ball.

Yeah, yeah, I'm completely and shamelessly selling out.  If you made what I made last year, you would too :)
Buy from Pool Dawg!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thank You, Sponsors!

I would like to thank my featured sponsors for bringing me to the 2009 WPBA Colorado Classic!

Dr. Gary C. Borge DDS practices dentistry in California. If there are any Sacramento-area readers out there, visit Dr. Borge and talk pool while receiving his excellent dental care:

Gary C. Borge, DDS
4660 Natomas Boulevard, #120-207
Sacramento, CA 95835
(916) 769-5955

When in New York City, a visit to the Skyline Billiard Club is a must. Skyline is quickly making a name for itself as one of the top "players' rooms" in the country. Check out the live tournament feed at

Skyline Billiard Club
2515 McDonald Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11223
(718) 627-3407

Thank you all again for your support!

- Liz Ford

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot for Teacher!

Ok, not really.

I'm more like Doris Day here:

Anywho, the new capitalist in me realizes that I need to promote myself more if I want to make a living! Also, I need to eat.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am available for lessons in the New York City area.

Why should you take a lesson from me?:

- I have received training from some of the country's best instructors.
- I can help you analyze your stroke using video and other feedback techniques.
- Beginners are welcome, but what I teach is useful and illuminating to players of all levels.
- I can't make you better, nobody but you can do that; I will give you tools to make yourself better!
- I love of the game and I get real excitement and fulfillment from seeing people improve.

My fall rates are:
- $50/hour plus table time at Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn
- $60/hour plus table time at any other room in NYC
- $70/hour plus table time at any room within an hour's drive of Queens (two-hour minimum per lesson)

What I expect from you as a student:
- To be there on time and be warmed up!
- To be patient, have an open mind, and not be afraid of practicing!

References are available upon request. Contact me at!