Monday, July 19, 2010

Back by popular demand!

I'm not dead. I've been living in Vermont for a while taking a much-needed breather from pool - my first since I started 15 years ago!

Thank you to those of you who've urged me to continue writing, I've listened and now I'm refreshed and ready to continue where I left off.

A few of the highlights from "my time away from pool"
- A 9th place finish at the 2010 WPBA San Diego Classic
- A first-round win at the 2010 Men's US Open 10-Ball

My success during my hiatus has been instructive in and of itself. It seems as though a lot of the chatter in my mind went away and left me with an essential core of my abilities. I'm not saying that I won't be practicing hard again soon, but having perspective and being fresh and full of energy are not without their own merits.

I'll be re-entering the scene with this month's WPBA US Open in Norman, OK. ESPN will begin filming during the quarterfinals, and I'd love to make an appearance!

Of course, I'll be bringing you along in spirit with updates right here...