Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to Work!

A couple of things have happened to me to keep me from the table since I got back from the Midwest Classic.

First - I finally served my jury duty which I had been postponing for a year and a half. I was chosen as a juror for a robbery and grand larceny case in criminal court. The jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision and the judge granted a mistrial. I can't believe I have to wait four years before I get to do it again :)

Similarities to "Law and Order" included lots of objections and approaching the bench, overly-dramatic attorneys, and a judge who impartially applied withering sarcasm (complete with eye-roll) to everyone in the court.

Second - A few blogs ago I made joke about my growing resemblance to a fiddler crab because of all the strenuous activities I was performing with my right arm (breaking, demolition, etc.) The joke is on me, however, because I've developed tendonitis in my right wrist. Good one, universe! ROFLMAO, while clutching my swollen wrist! LOL!

The good news is that after two weeks off from playing, and deciding to hire someone to redo the bathroom, my wrist is getting better. I am back at work on my game (minus the break) and going to physical therapy to give myself the wrists of a champion!

- - - - - - - - -

In lieu of a more detailed account of my tournament in Oklahoma, which I promised in my last post, here is a summary statement: Although I did not feel that I was hitting the balls to best of my ability, I was very pleased with my attitude and focus. I worked very hard to stay positive throughout the tournament and to give 100% to every shot. I have to say that this got harder and harder to do as the tournament went on and I got more fatigued. This is something that I have to work on. I am hoping that with regular practice the skills will get easier to maintain over longer periods of time.



R.I.P. Elliott Smith. These are a few of his songs. He made the sad kids happy.

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