Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fambly Time

Today I am headed out to South Central Oregon to spend some QT with my family. The famb and I will be going to Crater Lake and renting a house in Ashland (I hear rumors of a hot tub.)

Nothing particularly interesting has been happening chez Ford in the past couple of weeks. I have been hitting 40 breaks per day. I have also been demolishing my bathroom.

I have been doing this:

With these:

And between all those breaks and swinging a hammer I will soon look like one of these:


Liz "Fiddler Crab" Ford


chris said...

That's funny.., Enjoy your QT with the family. It would be nice if you had tore up that wall, practicing your break, while listening to the music from Rocky!!! It could be your version of punching hanging ribs in a meat locker.

Liz Ford said...

ha..ha.. that's funny. I'm gonna need a montage!

Liz Ford said...

And by that, I mean this:

kokopelli said...

I suggest that you rearrage top ten.
#3 has to be #10

chris said...

LOL I like the Montage..., That was funny. They cut off 'You Tube' at work, so I had to watch it from home.

By the way, "I'm feeling good for the Midwest Classic". Make me proud!!!

Liz Ford said...

Thanks Chris. I have a goood feeling about the Midwest Classic.

Did you mean moving #3 to #1 as the most important or #10 as the least important? I only allow favorable comments about me butt:) My blog, my rules.

chris said...

I vote it should be moved to #1. It's is cute!!!