Friday, August 31, 2007

What a year...

Between The Joss Turning Stone Classic VII and Turning Stone Classic IX (one calendar year), I played in 45 tournaments. Here is the breakdown: 8 Women's Pro Events, 1 Tri-State Tour Event, 3 Major 14.1 Events, 2 Women's State events, 8 Joss NE Tour events, and a whopping 23 Blaze Pro-Am Tour events.

I am officially patting myself on the back.

Last year, at the event in Las Vegas, I asked Mike Davis for advice about how to become a better player. I like talking with Mike because he is brutally honest when he talks about pool. For example, I once said to him: "I'm thinking about playing John-Doe-over-there. What do you think about his game?" His reply: "That guy? He's terrible. Yeah, he sucks. You probably need the seven."

He told me that if I wanted to be a serious tournament player, I should play in as many tournaments as possible. Ok. Seemed pretty obvious. Then he mentioned that he plays in as many as 50 tournaments a year. In my head, the advice went from "Play in as many tournaments as possible" to "Play in as many tournaments as is physically possible."

Looking at this past year, I would have to say that Mike was right. Playing in that many tournaments really did help my game. I can tell that I have gotten better, other people have told me that I have gotten better and my results have gotten better. Now I might only need the eight-ball from that guy who sucks.

I am really going to enjoy this tournament-free Labor Day weekend. I have earned it.


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"Abrahammer" said...

I don't think you need the 8 any more... although I would try you some with the breaks ;)
That is a lot of tournaments, and you have been doing very well. My suggestion to go even further - during the week play some sessions with people your speed if not better - like $20 - $50 sets for like 3 - 6 hours. This type of work out will really make you a killer, not every day though some days you just need to hit balls and figure things out or experiment.

See u at castle...