Monday, August 6, 2007


If you are a pool-player in the Mid-Atlantic United States and you have ever traveled to a tournament you will know my pain when I write these words: New Jersey Turnpike.
(Better known to me as the "f@#king New Jersey F@#kpike". Because I'm a lady.)

Over the years I have played in the Northeast Women's Tour, the Chesapeake Area Tour, the Tiger Planet Pool Tour, Maryland 14.1 events and in the Blaze Pro-Am tour. These organizations hold events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. As a New York City resident, pretty much any road trip south requires a ride on the afore-mentioned FNJFP. I estimate that I have taken at least 75 pool-related round-trip rides on the beast.

I thought that it would be fresh and clever to blog about the Turnpike. Then I searched Google with the the keywords "New Jersey Turnpike" and "hate" (also "f@#k the") and found a glut of pre-existing rants. I don't really have anything new or interesting to add to their litany of complaints so I'll just offer a little prayer for any of my pool brethren or "sistren" who might be out there on the stanky asphalt tonight.

My friend and fellow pro, Sueyen Rhee (a Virginia resident), sowed the seeds of my FNJFP hatred after her own vow never to drive the Turnpike for a pool tournament ever, ever again. A vow she recently broke in order to play in the WPBA US Open in Rhode Island. She was understandably heart-broken.

Here is a picture of us at the Florida Classic:

I think there is a creepy resemblance between us and the Shining twins:

Come play pool with us, Danny. Forever... and ever... and ever...



DAA said...

Liz the pictures are scarring me - there is a resembalance in those photos. By the way you 2 look more like double mint twins - I think it is because of the way you are making love with the camera. I'd like to play your friend in some 9-ball - of course under certain terms... Not sure if ur going to be at next blaze event but I had some shirts I needed you to autograph if you can find the time for your fans here in Philly =o)

DAA said...

O and yes I never had any issues with the NJ Turnpike - it is truely one the greatest rhoads in America, maybe the world!

vagabond said...
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vagabond said...

I feel your pain but you do not have many choices if you live in the North East.
Are NJ Turnpike and Interstate 95 same? I always thought that 95 is hell on earth.Consider moving out to west (OKlahoma,Texas,Arizona,NewMexico)

Note:I deleted my previous post because I could not find edit option to correct the punctuations marks in my post.

chris said...

Wow,.. as much as I travel I've never been on the NJ turnpike. But after reading all this, I've decided to stay away from it. Thanks for the heads up. Liz I was checking on the brackets for the US Open. Even though it might not show in the results. You're scores were tight against some very tough players.

Have a great week...

Ari Finkelman said...

Does Sueyen have a website of her own? Im an old friend looking to contact her.