Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Thank You

Thank you to Billiards Digest for naming the #1 Female Player Site for 2007! And for calling me "charming". I will let the editor, Mason King, skate on that beer he owes me.

Thanks also to Rob Omen at for building the site.

And thank you for reading my blog!



DAA said...

Liz great site, look forward to the updates. You can guess who this is, you might not remeber me.

Liz Ford said...

Could this be "Hammer the Younger"?

chris said...

Liz,... I truly enjoy your site. Keep up the good work on the Blog too. I love reading it. Awesome Job!

DAA said...

Yes this is the younger Hammer - your site is cool - I will be reading it from time to time. In fact it will be a favorite on my phone. Thus when I am at work and in a relaxing place called the "can" where all great thinkers can rummage through there gray mass of genius, I will be able to concentrate on your site and give constructive feedback.

Liz Ford said...

Chris - Thanks for brightening my day.
DAA - I'll be at Skyline and you just might be insane :)

"The Other Hammer" said...

Well insane yes - that is always a plus in life - no body is actually sane it is all ficticious. Your site is awesome and I see why it won the award. I'll be at Skyline, I need to snap it off - look out I have been practising this week - you don't mind? Do ya?