Friday, October 5, 2007

Success in Attitude and Results

Just a really quick update:

I won my match against Alice Rim 9-6. I started off very strong and held the lead for the entire match although I tightened up as I got nearer to the finish line. It was a definite struggle against myself, but I was able to calm my nerves and fears in order to finish the job.

I play Leslie Anne Rogers tonight at 6pm. I am recharging myself right now so that I can give an energetic and focused performance tonight. My main goal is still to feel the joy of the game and not the fear.



Pop said...

Cathing up with your blog since our return home. Strongly agree with your current attitude change towards matches which should diminish anxiety and increase your comraderie quotient at the same time. This had been missing -- go with the flow!

Liz Ford said...

Thanks Pop!