Saturday, October 6, 2007

Still Standing

I was unable to give an update after my 6pm match with Leslie Anne Rogers, last night, because I won (9-5) and had to prepare to play again! At 10 pm I played Melissa Morris and won (9-7.)

The last two matches were grind-fests. The pool was far from perfect and it came down to who had more stamina and could make fewer mistakes. Not the most fun way to play but it happens! I was exhausted by the end of it since I had been in focus-mode from about 1pm until 1am.

I got a good night's sleep, which I will need since I face the very tough Jasmin Ouschan at 2pm.

Wish me luck!



Aaron said...

The live blogging from the event is great Liz. Keep it up. And good luck against Jasmin today!

chris said...

Good luck with Jasmin.., She's tough but I think you're on a roll!!! Keep us up to date!!! We owe you one.