Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday Night or Why Steve Lipsky is Brilliant

UPDATE: I play my first match tomorrow afternoon at 3pm Central Time against Sarah Ellerby. I am heading off to get a good night's sleep, but before I go I will leave you with some deep thoughts from my friend and pool-player-extraordinaire Steve.

The following was posted on the azbilliards forums a few days ago. A "Googan", by the way, has been best-described as a "Severe Pool Nerd."

The top 20 list of "You Might Be A Googan If"

20) You know what "squirt" is

19) Even though you stink at 9-ball, sometimes you play 10-ball for the added challenge

18) You have fireside chats about deflection

17) You're convinced the only thing keeping you from playing better is a Z-dot shaft

16) You make mental calculations in your head based on if you are using a blue-dot cueball or a
red-dot cueball

15) You're always up on the latest cutting-edge technology of tips

14) You're certain every week you've discovered the secret to pool, and it always involves changing your mechanics

13) You practice on tight pocket tables and rarely come within a diamond of making anything

12) You wonder, for no reason whatsoever, what the right game is between Jeremy Jones and Corey Deuel

11) You rush into pool rooms with the latest info on tournaments

10) You can name every material used in every stick you see

9) You stay close to anybody resembling a pro player, telling anybody else who asks, "Oh, we're friends."

8) You buy a new cue every other week and never sell the previous one

7) You have pictures at home of you and pro players, arms on shoulders, you with a goofy smile, them looking like they can't wait to get away

6) You know who won the 1992 Bicycle Club Casino event

5) You ever posted or replied to a message titled "what cues do the pros use?"

4) You say things like "You shoot a good stick", or "You're a good shot"

3) You wear a magnetic chalk holder when you play

2) You regularly get your shafts googaned (cleaned)

And the #1 sign that you might be a googan:

1) You refer to filipino players by their nicknames (bata, django, etc)

My response:

Outing Myself

Steve - During our conversation last night at Amstercorn, I thought 3 items applied to me. Turns out it's only #14 and #16. However, I bring my own measle ball with me to the pool hall and sometimes, at home, I meditate while looking at it...I really wish I were kidding...

Steve replies:

Good God woman, you carry your own measle ball! I hereby decree you to be, "Liz, Queen Googan of the Googanites".Seriously, that is an insanely high level of googanosity. - Steve

Always seeing the glass as half-full, I reply:

Cool...I always wanted to be royalty...



Slippaaaa said...

Liz, Queen Googan of the Googanites,

Just to be fair, I had a collaborative writing partner on this list. Did you know Jason Good? He may have disappeared from the scene before your arrival...

Good luck in your match!

- Steve

Liz Ford said...

I love the Jason Good! I have even seen him perform his "comedy."