Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Got Second Place in My Match

I wish I had better results to report, but I lost my match today, to #11-ranked Sarah Ellerby, 9-7.

Sarah played very well and got some good fortune and I found myself down 8-4. I spent most of my match up until that point in the chair as I had relatively few offensive opportunities. A couple of things rolled my way and I was able to run out a few racks to bring the match to 8-7. In the final game I sold out on a kick shot that I hit a smidge too firmly and Sarah ran out.

The good news is that I felt great at the table today and that I was able to remain calm, positive and motivated despite the fact that I faced some adversity. It is easy to love the game and remain positive when you are winning, but it takes heart to have the same attitude when it is an uphill battle. I won the contest against myself by being able to feel the way that I wanted to feel and it showed in my confident play.

On to tomorrow....

I face my friend Alice Rim at 1pm in the elimination bracket.

My goal is not only to carry my positive attitude with me tomorrow, during my match, but to maintain it post-tournament regardless of my results.

Wish me luck... My fifteen minutes are up..



chris said...

Sarah plays tough..., I still feel confident though. If you get a few matches to go your way. I think you're going to steamroll some people.

Good luck and thanks for the updates...

Liz Ford said...

Thanks Chris. You were right!

chris said...

My Crystal Ball is not usually that accurate. But I had a good feeling. I'm really glad you do well, and we so owe you for the updates! The WPBA website does not update the tournament board fast enough. You should be proud, your scores were great. My next goal for you is to make the TV rounds!!!