Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ugh, Hello from Belgium...

Just a quick update to say hello from just south of the Netherlands, in Belgium.

It is day two of my training with Johan Ruysink and my weaknesses are being revealed to me one after another.  It is pure torture...

I have hit so many balls in the last 30 hours that I've lost my feel entirely and now I am starting to lose my mind.

I think this is all part of Johan's plan.  He has alluded a few times to "breaking me down" and I think he might be achieving his objective.

I long to be a lazy American again :)


Anne C said...

Hey Liz,

Yes he's breaking you down, don't fret. You've shot the same way for so long, he's putting the kabosh on the muscle memory you've developed. This is so he can now retrain you to be better, faster, stronger. Don't be afraid - embrace it and know that you'll come out of it a better, faster, stronger player. And human being. Love you!

Jenn Lynn said...

I would like to know some of the training exercises he has you doing. Can you post some of those to help myself become a little better? I have only been dedicated to shooting for about 2 months. I bought the Elephant Practice Balls and they have helped tons but I have just run out of ideas that will help my game. Thanks! Best of Luck and I hope you learn lots!

Liz Ford said...

Hi Anne -
I know, I'm just a whiner! Miss you :)

Hi Jenn -
I will be posting some exercises once I get back to the US. If you are looking for ideas, there are a lot of great books - one of my favorites in "Practicing Pool" by Phil Capelle. That will keep you busy!!!