Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mint Salon

I wanted to give a plug this morning for my two favorite ladies of hair over at Mint Salon, Allison Burr and Charlene Dougan. Allison cuts my hair and Charlene keeps me blonde (it was her idea in the first place.)

They are offering my readers $50 off cut and color (first-timers only!) Just tell them Liz Ford sent ya. Women and men are welcome.

I have been a regular at their salon since they opened and they were kind enough to help style me for my photos. I never feel more like a New Yorker than when I go to their all-white loft space in Hell's Kitchen. Sometimes I go there just to hang out on the couch :)

This is a picture of their handiwork:

I am off to The Netherlands tonight and I will be keeping everyone updated on how Johan Ruysink does as a drill sergeant.


Johnny said...

The shots are looking great! Glad you had a good time with them. :)

Liz Ford said...

Thanks, Johnny. They need fixing up in Photoshop but I like them and wanted to post them anyway :)

Samm said...

I love that outfit! And you wear it well. You look super.

Liz Ford said...

Thanks, Ms. Bomb :)