Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo Shoot

Tomorrow I am going to be taking some new promotional pictures.  I have enlisted the help of all my friends to help push me towards a more "marketable" look. 

Hmmm, marketable...

I am going to suck it up, quite literally, and push myself to up the sex appeal a little. Just a little, hopefully remaining cute and not at all desperate.

True to form, however, I'm sure that I will find a way to put some humor into the pictures.

The best advice I've gotten so far?:

"Bah, you shouldn’t even worry about it.  You’re not going to look desperate unless you decide to really skank it up, and even then you still wouldn’t look desperate.  Just have the photographer do a variety of different poses and avoid the sweaters and cardigans."
 - Anonymous

I'm not sure I know what anonymous is talking about...


Johnny said...

The best advice anyone should give you is to make sure the photographer has a makeup artist/stylist. As good as you might be able to do your own makeup/hair, you might not be used to doing it for a photoshoot.

Ask the photog what color they suggest you wear - it should depend on the background. Or vice-versa, they should be able to switch their background to accommodate an outfit you want to wear.

And if you do some 'playing pool' shots - I hope they don't rely on pool-room lighting... it's never balanced properly and no one looks their best being underlit from weird angles coupled with green-tinted yellow-light.

As for you: relax! If you're tense, it will show in the final pictures. Try to spend some time getting comfortable with the photog and staff - tell jokes or whatever just to break the ice. If you feel comfortable with them, the connection you make to the viewer through the picture will be that much stronger.

Lastly, when you look at the camera - don't focus on the end of the lens, try to focus through the lens about where the photographer's eye would be. This adds support to the above-mentioned connection to the viewer.

Have fun! said...

I for one happen to totally dig the sweaters and cardigans. Gives you that whole "hot for teacher" thing. Keep on keepin' on Liz Ford!

Liz Ford said...

Thanks for the advice, Johnny, and the vote for modesty, PCN :)

The pics turned out beautifully (and I am my own worst critic.)