Thursday, December 10, 2009

What to talk about this week?

I'm feeling the pinch of writer's block these days, I think it is the time of the year.  The cool weather and short days make me curl up on the couch with my cat and vegetate.  I am in favor of bringing back human hibernation - the best part would be all the eating before hand.

Saturday will bring an end to my laziness as I kick off a week full of tournaments.  I will be at the Predator Tour finale at Raxx this weekend and then I leave Wednesday for the Stone.  I love having one tournament right after another, I achieve such an intense focus and find that I start playing some of my best pool.

On another note, I am really happy with the way my interview with Jim Murnak turned out.  It was strange to watch video of myself talking for 45 minutes.  I have to say that part of me doesn't recognize that I am the person talking.  I look and sound much more put together than I feel inside but I think seeing it is going to boost my confidence.

I want to thank everyone who supported the fact that I talked about depression.  The reason I chose to open up about it is that I have always appreciated when others have done the same.  Though I don't wish depression on anyone, I am always comforted when I hear otherwise successful people share their stories - it makes me feel less alone.

Enough poopy stuff!!!  If you watched the interview then you heard me talk about going to Holland to go train with Johan Ruysink, the head coach for the Netherlands.  I am going to try to make this happen in January. 

I have already raised $500 of the roughly $3,000 that I will need.  I am starting a new travel fund, the gimmicky thermometer will be returning. That's only $2.50 from each of my Facebook friends if you break it down :)

Help me get to Holland!:

 No, not for that !!! For pool, silly.

Well, enough of my internet panhandling for now, the cat just got off my lap so I am free to go practice...


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Robert said...

Thanks for your honesty about the depression. I'm a 46 year old male with Cerebral Palsy who plays pool. In the APA I'm a 5-6 in both 8 and 9 ball. I've had to deal with the depression both on and off of the table. I started playing pool because it was something I could do on an even keel with anyone. Thanks again.

Rob Shoults