Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Chrristmas

I got my first Christmas present today:  Copies of the PAT tests and DVD's from my friend and supporter, Frank Wojciechowski.

Thanks, Frank!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Playing Abilitiy Tests, there is a nice summary here.

He sent them to me because he is sure that when I go to Holland to train, I will be tested on them.  I will be watching DVD number one tonight and will start training tomorrow.

Why I want to go to Holland to train with Johan Ruysink:

- He coaches Nick Vandenberg and Neils Feijen and those guys are awesome
- To see how the Europeans train so that I can enhance how I train myself and others
- To learn 14.1 patterns in a structured way
- To make an investment in my game and be a role model for others to do the same
- To get another stamp in my pool passport

The thermometer to the right shows that I have $850 of the 3k that I need.  My wish for Christmas is to bust the top of that thermometer. Click the donate button if you want to help, no amount is too small.  Maybe I should go sit on Santa's lap.  I can't think of one so please insert your own crude lap-dance joke here :)

Fresh off the tournament trail, I am happy with my playing at The Joss Turning Stone Classic.  I won my first two matches before being beat by two deserving opponents.  The bad news is that I was one out of the cash for the third time :(

Once again it is time to speak about cash: I am on a mission to support myself through another year of vigorous pool playing.  It is a pretty difficult thing to do and I am calling on my large brain to help me find creative ways to make it happen.  It's funny how shame goes right out the window when necessity rises.  In January I'm planning to hit up two corporations a day for 10k each, in the hopes that one of those 40 will give me 5k.  That's basically how it goes in the fund raising business.  The good news is that my skin will be so thick that I won't need a coat.

If that is successful... repeat in March.

More than anything, I want to prove to myself and others that a living can be made in this game.

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