Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stuff I Like

I'm spending a quiet day at home today, reading, listening to music and drinking tea.  In an effort to raise the cash I need for another year of professional pool, I have joined Amazon Associates.  If you follow any of my product links and buy the item, I make training and tournament money. In the interest of trying out all this new-fangled technology, I thought I'd post the products that I am enjoying today.

What I'm reading right now:

What I'm listening to right now:

The electric kettle I used to make my tea:

This blog is about me and my adventures with pool - it is not a web mall.  However, no money = no pool.  This week, I am going to create a compromise - a web store where you can shop at Amazon and PoolDawg and help me play pool at the same time. This will also keep my blog posts from being filled with ads (like this one!)

If we can be serious for a moment... the Beatles stereo box set is awesome!


poolplayer2093 said...

you i check out your blog all the time and as soon as i get some scratch together i'm going to donate some!

i've never seen you play but you're becoming one of my favorite players. just because of what i've read. Stay dedicated!!!!

Liz Ford said...

Thanks, dude. I am putting together video for my site, so soon you can see video of me playing in China!