Thursday, November 19, 2009

China Part One

Just wanted to say a quick "hello" from China!

The Chinese block access to Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger so I am updating things by email.  I can't see what my posts will look like, but hopefully they are okay.

First things first: I am very happy to report that I won my first round match against Pei Chen Tsai from Taiwan, 7-4!  She was the winner of this year's China Open.

That win has earned me the right to play China's national hero, Xiaoting Pan, tonight at 9:15 pm (that is 8:15 am NYC time.)  I played next to her in the first round and flashbulbs were going off like we were on the red carpet.

This is my second tournament in Asia (I was at the 2008 World Championship in Taiwan) and so far this trip has been much smoother than the first.  I didn't really know what to expect the first time around and I was pretty shaky, but everything feels like business as usual at the table this time.  I am in disbelief that I am able to stay up for 30 hours, fly half-way around the world, turn day into night and then put forth a good enough game to beat one of Asia's top players. Wow.

This event is starting with 64 players.  It is a race to 7, alternating break, double elimination format until there are 32 players left.  These players will be randomly drawn into a single-elimination bracket which will be race to 9, winner break.  The top 32 are also the players who receive paychecks :)

Jerry Forsyth, our tournament director, has been kind enough to create a bracket here.

As for China in general, the people of Shenyang have been incredibly gracious and helpful and our host hotel is lovely.

I'll be back later with another update!



Johnny said...

Thanks for the update! Best of luck with the next bracket!

Johnny said...

I just watched your match with Xiaoting Pan (sp?) and was wondering: On the last rack, when she was on the hill, why were you inspecting the rack for her?

Also - the shot where you caromed off the 4 and kicked the 9 in was excellent!!

poolplayer2093 said...

You beat the woman who won this years china open!!! that's strong

Alison said...

The four of you look so serious in that photo... seriously badass! Nice work Liz and good luck at the Predator Finale!