Wednesday, November 25, 2009

China in Retrospect

This is what 14 hours on a plane looks like!

Thankfully, I've had a few days to sleep after my jet-setting adventures!

Wow, what a great experience the last few weeks have been:

Florida for three and a half days, play my heart out, finish 17th, board a plane home two hours after my last match, sleep for about a day, barely unpack just swap tropical wear for Siberian, off to China! 30 hours in transit from home to the hotel in Shenyang, one day to adjust, play my heart out again, this time on live TV ** viewed by millions! Finish 17th, one day to rest then it is back on a plane to NYC!!!

And I would do it all again this week if there was another event...

That being said, I am grateful to have two large events this month that don't involve planing and deplaning.
First is the Predator Tour finale at Raxx in West Hempstead, NY on December 12th and 13th.
(Then someone is having a birthday... well more like another anniversary of turning 29...)
Then it is on to one of my favorite events, the Turning Stone Classic! (Dec. 17th-20th in Verona, NY.)

Speaking of gratitude, I would once again like to thank everyone who contributed to help bring me to events this year.  I'm pretty misty at the thought of it and China certainly would never have happened without you guys.  The updated list is in the right hand column.

Thank you also to my official sponsors: Gary C. Borge, DDS, Chips to Fix, PoolDawg, Pool on the Net, RT9 Designs and Skyline Billiard Club.

PoolDawg is kicking off the holiday season (Chanukah Sameach, Mike!) with some awesome deals at their crazy Black Friday sale. Even better they have a preview going on now!

I hope everyone stuffs their faces tomorrow surrounded by the people who love them (or at least put up with them! Ah family...)


** Can't be viewed in Firefox for some reason


Mike Feiman said...

Hanukkah rules! Can't beat 8 days of presents, even if they are all socks and dreidels. Since I married a nice shiksa girl, my kids get Hanukkah and Christmas in what amounts to a two week emptying of my wallet all in the name of consumerism. Happy Thanksgiving (and thanks for the Black Friday bump)!

Paul A. said...

Glad you had a good time over there. Sounds like December is going to be a fun month. And an early happy birthday!

Good deal making it on TV!! It won't view in Firefox because it doesn't support ActiveX, which is what Internet Explorer uses. There is a Firefox plug-in to get around this but it doesn't seem to work, at least for this particular site.