Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liz Sells Out!

If you haven't noticed a change around here, I will spell it out more explicitly: After a huge bidding war that included Coke, Pepsi, Denny's and my Nana, Pool Dawg is now the official sponsor of my blog!

You can help me out by visiting them for all you pool supply needs.  Just follow the link on the picture of me and Frank at the right.

My personal recommendation?  Get yourself you own measle ball.  I carry one in my car, and sometimes in my purse.  Over time, cue balls get smaller and smaller from colliding with the other balls, especially from high impact shots like the break. (Didn't you ever wonder why the 1-Ball is sometimes a paler color than the 9?  It also gets smaller from getting smacked on the 9-Ball break.)  Most pool rooms don't change their cue balls very often.  A measle ball also offers you more feedback on your practice because you are able to better observe the reaction of the ball.

Yeah, yeah, I'm completely and shamelessly selling out.  If you made what I made last year, you would too :)
Buy from Pool Dawg!

3 comments: said...

YAY!!!!! Im into the sellout!!!! Do it more !!!!

Mike Feiman said...

After finally meeting you at the Colorado Classic, there simply wasn't any way I could avoid sponsoring your blog. Oy, such a nice young lady you are! I do think you should be taking more pictures with Sarah and Frank though. ;-)

poolplayer2093 said...

That's crazy! i hate the measle ball with a fiery passion! i actually carry my own red circle ball with me where ever i go to play. just incase the room only has the measle ball. that darn ball just keeps rolling and doesn't react the way it should. because like you said the rest of the balls are wearing (more or less equally) so why bring 1 ball that's for sure bigger than the others