Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot for Teacher!

Ok, not really.

I'm more like Doris Day here:

Anywho, the new capitalist in me realizes that I need to promote myself more if I want to make a living! Also, I need to eat.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am available for lessons in the New York City area.

Why should you take a lesson from me?:

- I have received training from some of the country's best instructors.
- I can help you analyze your stroke using video and other feedback techniques.
- Beginners are welcome, but what I teach is useful and illuminating to players of all levels.
- I can't make you better, nobody but you can do that; I will give you tools to make yourself better!
- I love of the game and I get real excitement and fulfillment from seeing people improve.

My fall rates are:
- $50/hour plus table time at Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn
- $60/hour plus table time at any other room in NYC
- $70/hour plus table time at any room within an hour's drive of Queens (two-hour minimum per lesson)

What I expect from you as a student:
- To be there on time and be warmed up!
- To be patient, have an open mind, and not be afraid of practicing!

References are available upon request. Contact me at!


Frank said...


I think you fit the first image better. No offense, you're hot! Although Doris Day was hot for her day (pun intended) she can't compare. She didn't play POOL!

poolplayer2093 said...

Hay Liz. i'd love to take some lessons with you but i'm stuck in california. are you ever coming out this way? i was wondering are any videos of you playing floating around the web?

don't take it the wrong way or let your husband get too heated for reading it but i agree with what Frank said. you're a cutie for sure