Friday, April 3, 2009

Monsters Inc.

I lost last night's match to XTP, 9-6. I put forth a very good effort, but girl is a monster.

I was down 4-0 and dug deep to pull back even at 4-4. A missed kick by me let her get ahead 5-4, which she followed up with a break and run. I answered with one of my own. With the score now 6-5, she snapped the nine. My miss on the 3-ball let her get to the hill (it was a side-pocket shot that gives me a lot of trouble and you'd better believe that I'll be practicing it until it's automatic.) She broke and missed the five, leaving me to clean-up. At 8-6, I broke and had to play safe on the one, I left her a sliver of the ball and she came with a match winning shot, back-cutting it the length of the table. This time she made sure that she got out :(

I am proud of myself for making a real match out of what started out as a steam roll. I am also proud that I have been able to maintain the same positive attitude and same consistent play in all variety of situations for the past four months.

My next match will be against the winner of Dawn Hopkins and Ming Ng, at 3:15 this afternoon.

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