Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hiller-Hiller Thriller

I won my match this morning, against Cindy Sliva, 9-8. It was a long, tough match that was close the whole way. I am very proud of myself because I won by staying as positive as I could. My head is very fuzzy from being sick and nothing looked right, so I had to trust in my fundamentals and my funda-"mentals." My decision making and safety execution were not quite up to snuff and I hope to improve on them in my next match. I play the winner of Xiao-Ting Pan and someone whose name escapes my fuzzy little head tonight at 9:30.

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poolplayer2093 said...

Congrats on the win! i don't play a lot of tournaments but i like playing a hill hill game (as opposed to the double it and start over BS)

tough break being sick. i hope you get over or manage to play through it. you should check out oncue in la mesa (right off the 8) i used to play there when i played in SD