Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dynamic Shots

Things get a little more sophisticated... just a little, though.

Objectives: Strengthen the basics of cue ball control by performing many similar, but not identical, shots that emphasize the same principal (e.g. speed control, stun angle control, correctly assessing the natural line, etc.) Mental focus is increased in this section but is still pretty low, as you already have a general plan and are learning by repetition.

I will be throwing in a draw speed control drill for myself and probably a couple of others that fit into this category from Phil Capelle's "Practicing Pool."

Here are some of Johan's drills:

Endless Drill
- Each object ball position represents a different variation of this exercise.
- Start with ball in hand behind the center line, pocket the one and bring the cue ball back past the center line. Re-spot the object ball and shoot until you miss or fail to bring the cue ball across to the upper half of the table.
- Move on to the same exercise with the different object ball positions.

Natural Line
- Object is to pocket the 10 in any pocket with ball in hand and using a rolling cue ball (natural line) to carom into balls 1-9.

The Center Line
- Choose any of the "cue balls" (balls 1-7) and pocket the object ball (15) in either corner.
- The "cue ball" must come to rest in the position zone known as the center line (the rectangular area defined by balls 8-11.)
- The "cue ball" then becomes the object ball and you choose any of the remaining "cue balls" to pocket it with the same positional requirement. Repeat with the remaining "cue balls."
- This drill can be played endlessly by resetting the "cue balls" when you have successfully used them all.

Next up, Dynamic Drills...


p00lriah said...

hi ms. ford. in your third diagram, i can't seem to find the 15 ball. is it supposed to be where the cueball is, on the center spot?

Liz Ford said...

Yes. Sorry for the confusion - I forgot to update the diagram to the final version.

Johnny said...

The 2nd drill looks like the Wagon Wheel drill - but with follow instead of draw. You're doing the PAT, so I'm sure you know about it already.

These are the only 2 videos I've seen of this drill. It looks very, very tough.

Fast Mikie's Version

Force Follow's Version

Thanks again for continuing to share your learning experiences! And thanks for the book link, I'll be looking forward to reading through that.

Liz Ford said...

Thanks for your input, Johnny. Yes, that set-up is good for practicing a number of things.

p00lriah said...

thanks for updating the 3rd diagram so quickly, ms. ford. out of curiosity, what's your success rate of leaving the cueball in the centerline area?

i think the 1, 4, and 7 are the tougher ones, 4 probably being the toughest. what about you?