Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Back from the Dead

A gold star if you can name this film!

I was asked by a WPBA fan to blog about making comebacks in matches that look to be over. Unfortunately I have become known for miraculous comebacks.  I would rather be known for miraculous dominating of matches :)  I escaped from a doozy while at the Pacific Coast Classic in Lincoln City, OR.  I was down 6-0 to Rachel Eliazar and came back to win 9-8.

Here is a synopsis of what was going through my head during the match.

Beginning of the match: Okay let's do this!
First rack: I just ran out and shot the 9 Ball into the rail... f*ck!
Second rack: I'll just play a safety here - oh nice shot opponent.
Third rack:  I'll just sit here and watch my opponent snap 9 on the break :(
Fourth rack: Ok. We're okay. One shot at a time until we shoot the 8 into the rail argghhhhhhhh!

Ok, it's time to take a bathroom break and flush it!
Give myself a pep talk. Calm down my racing heart. We're fine. We're fine.
(It's matches like this that get you talking to yourself, sometimes in the third person.)

Ok, I am SOOO ready to go now!!!!
Quickly lose two more racks, one of which sees me dogging the 8.

Here is where it really gets interesting.  Here is where I am committing to the fact that I will be quitting pool after this match.  I'm sure of it.  I think I'm going to cry...

Miraculously, some inner, stronger part of myself takes charge and says "WE ARE NOT GOING OUT LIKE THAT."

My whole demeanor changes.  I forget about everything else.  I'm just going to play.  I am aware that I have had control of the table in most of the games.  I am aware that I have the ability to win from here.

Seventh game:  The first time getting out is the hardest. But. I. Fight. Through. It. 6-1.
Eight game:  An open rack. My recent success gives me the confidence I need to get out more comfortably. 6-2.  From here I first believe that I am going to win.
Ninth game:  Now it is like a little game, moving the beads over one at a time. It is actually fun. 6-3.
Tenth game: Use my experience to get a quick three-foul win.  6-4.
Eleventh game - Thirteenth game:  I can't even remember what happened. It's just so fun to keep moving beads over. Up 7-6.
Fourteenth game:  Ah, it couldn't go on forever. My opponent gets a game. I'm not sweating it anymore.7-7.
Fifteen game: Grind out the out to get on the hill. 8-7.
Sixteenth game: Out of line on the 9, I am forced to play safe.  It gets a little ugly as we both miss tough shots and leave even tougher shots. This continues until I hang the 9 on a full table length straight in shot.  My nerves are back a little but I am relying on my experience to see me through the hill-hill game. Thankful just to be there :)
Final game: A two-way shot on a 1/9 carom leaves my opponent safe.  The hit is so tough that she has to take a foul and push the 9 out of the way, but ends up creating another, tougher combination.  With ball in hand, I have arrived at the moment of truth...  the 9 splits the pocket, praise Jeebus!

I have invested so much energy and emotion in this match that it takes me an hour before I stop shaking, but it is worth it.

- Liz


poolplayer2093 said...

Great story!!!!! i love coming back from being down. it's really mentally challenging. nothing screams real pool player than grinding out a victory after being stuck behind the whole time!

really i loved that story!

Johnny said...

The movie is Carrie. :)

Excellent recap and again... amazing comeback!! :) Thanks for sharing the story. I'm hoping to be able to use this as inspiration for my first ever tournament next week.

José said...
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José said...

wow! it should feel gret coming back like this!

I have never been in a situation like that, but the reason is that i just start playing pool, and I'm loving it!!

don't know how I got here reading your blog but I just feel needed to stop by everyday... I hope someday be as great as you are, or even better some day meet you for a match... there's a long road though

sorry about any english mistake, I'm from Brazil and my english some times isn't that well..

keep up the good job!! said...

Dude, you've gotta change the name of the image before you put the question up. Otherwise people can just click on the picture, look at the name of it and figure out that its Carrie.

Liz Ford said...

FYI - I don't actually have any gold stars:) said...

No gold stars? Weak. Lame.

Madison said...

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