Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tough Day at the Office

This is the view from outside of my hotel window. Glorious Michiana.

I had a tough day at the office, today. I lost to Miyuki Sakai 9-7. I played well through out the match as we see-sawed back and forth. I got up 6-5 before the shot clock came out. I have played many, many matches on the shot clock and the majority of the time everything is fine. Today, I just couldn't seem to put it out of my mind. I felt panicky and rushed and got down over the balls too quickly. When I'm talking too quickly, I probably mean on the order of milliseconds. Just enough to throw things off.

Oh well. I'm giving myself a few minutes to grieve and then I'm going to head downstairs and sweat my friends' matches.

Tomorrow, I play the loser of the Sarahs (Ellerby and Rousey.)

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