Thursday, March 26, 2009

Getting Ready for The San Diego Classic

Today, I'm at home with a cold. It's a bummer, but I'm glad it's happening here and now instead of during next week's tournament in Alpine, CA. I want lots of energy to play pool with a little left over for swimming and enjoying the California sunshine.

In order to get ready, I have been practicing my funda-"mentals" (yuk, yuk, yuk.)

Just like I have physical checkpoints during my shot routine that ensure a consistent stroke, I also have mental checkpoints that ensure my mind is consistently focused. These involve: making a complete plan for the shot before I aim and set down, allowing myself to progressively relax and let go with each practice stroke, and finally (during my final pause at address) committing 100% to delivering a quality stroke down my line of aim without any thought of the outcome.

I know my physical fundamentals are sound because I devote time everyday to practicing them in ways that give me proper feedback. Nine times out of ten, if my game starts to break down, it is because I am not practicing good funda-"mentals." The telltale sign of poor funda-"mentals" is if I am consistently having trouble only at the end of the rack.

Other than that, I have been preparing by enjoying my life and the ones that I love.
Aw, shucks!

- Liz

What I'm reading: Ironweed by William Kennedy
What I'm watching: endless House reruns on USA
What I'm listening to: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams
What I'm drinking: Pink Grapefruit Airborne even though it is a placebo at best, dangerous at worst.

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