Saturday, February 21, 2009


I won my match against Steve Lillis, 9-8.

I truly hope that no one was watching the live stream. The match had it's good moments, but all in all it was some awesomely bad pool.

I am always proud to win this kind of match though, where it is more about endurance and staying positive than about playing well. I do love the fight!

I play Greg Antonakos in a mere seven hours. I lost a hill-hill nail biter with him here in August, so I am excited to take another crack at it!

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Michael ("FastMikie") McCafferty said...

There were 314 people watching the AZBTV streaming marathon last night. We were all cheering for you, and you came through in the end. It seemed like he just kept playing slower and slower and couldn't make a shot. You had him in dead fear. Congratulations!