Monday, November 10, 2008

Video Up

If anybody missed my appearance on the Discovery Channel's "Time Warp", you can see the video here...

It is intended for the general public and not specifically for pool geeks (myself included), but you can catch a few interesting things, that aren't mentioned in the commentary, if you look closely.

On all the slo-mo shots with spin (backspin, side spin and draw) you can observe the transfer of english from the cue ball to the object ball. It is actually less pronounced than I thought it would be. The "Spinning Stop Shot" (which isn't really useful for anything in a game) does give you a chance to observe deflection and throw.

There was one very interesting thing that the "Time Warp" guys showed me that didn't make it onto TV. When you shoot a masse shot the cue tip actually hits the cue ball twice. The tip rebounds off the cue ball as the the cue ball gets jammed into the slate, and then slams into the cueball again while you are completing your stroke.

If you are not satisfied by this coolness and need a geekier slo-mo fix, check out this and this.



Samm said...

Great job, Liz! You're a natural!!!

Jerry said...

I just caught the show on last night. That was some impressive stuff. Good luck in your next competition.

Ira said...

Hey Liz! I just stumbled into this - unfortunately, they removed it from YouTube :( want to see it - do you have a tape? Hi to Harry.