Monday, August 18, 2008

Lots of Stuff Happening

Time Warp

I've just come back from a week on the road where I've been doing some pretty interesting stuff.

First, I went to Boston to do some filming for a Discovery Channel program called Time Warp, which uses high-speed cameras to film events in super slow-motion. They captured me shooting a masse shot, a draw shot and a few other shots. The show should air sometime this fall - I will keep everyone posted!

Thanks again to the cast, crew and producers for a great time!

Getting ready

In action! The super-bright lights they have to use to film at such a high speed are not only blinding but they started to melt the veneer on pool table.

With the cast of the show, Jeff Lieberman (right) and Matt Kearney (top).

photo courtesy of Jeff Lieberman

Then, play time was over and I headed from Boston up to the Turning Stone Classic XI in Verona, NY.

I didn't get the cash this time, but I was very happy with the way I played throughout the event.

Here are some photos courtesy of Bruce Clayton:

Looking very intense

Possibly fouling the 9-Ball, though I didn't realize it at the time...

Zuglan! Thanks, buddy, for another successful event!



Samm said...

I love that show! said...

Congrats on the show Liz! Can't wait to check it out. Consider my TiVo fired up!