Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I have been blogging...

but now I must be on my way to the WPBA Carolina Classic in Rocky Mount, NC.

Before I go, I would like to introduce my loyal road partner. His name is Mr. Beepers.

He and I have gone a lot of places in the last year.

We've been spotted at tournaments all up and down the east coast.

We've been to St. Louis and back.

We even went for a nice drive down the sidewalk. New York was hit by a snow storm last week and Mr. Beepers was encased in a block of ice and snow that, due to snow plows, was three feet high on the left-hand side. Fortunately, the ice pile on the right-hand side (the side facing the curb) was only six inches high... And the car is small... So... Some mildly illegal, "The Italian Job"-style stunt driving ensued.

Today we are headed to North Carolina:

To the b*st#rd who put a dent in my bumper: May the fleas of a thousand camels lodge in your armpit.

Cuddly Teddy Bears and Rainbow Kisses,



Bulldog said...

Nice ride, Liz.

Liz Ford said...

thanks dog. good luck on thursday.

bedsheets and cigarettes said...

haha liz i love you. it was awesome catching up the other day at the tournament. who would have ever thought you were a bracelet maker too lol. i think we managed to turned a professional pool tournament into and arts and craft center =)

i'm sure you kicked ass in carolina

hope to see you soon xoxo